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First, purchase the book.

Then proceed with the download instructions on this page.

For those using Amazon Pay you will have to wait for the email with the download link.

For those using Paypal you can proceed with downloading the book via the red link that shows up after checkout, as shown below.

Then click on the download link in red under the File Name column.

The "Item too large for e-mail" message should be ignored since it plays now role at the moment. The download link is what is important.

Also, a few minutes after checkout, and once the payment has been confirmed by Paypal or Amazon Pay then

you should receive an email from:

Cordell M Andersen Store - Customer Service <uc.order@ultracart.com>

This email contains a "Digital Item URL" link which can be used for downloading the book.

If you don't see the message, please check your spam / junk mail.

In case you did not download the book right after checkout, do the following:

1. View your browser history for the page that contains the link.

2. Consider creating an account and login with the email address used during checkout.

You may see the Orders link which may direct you to a download link.

3. If all fails, then contact us so that we can resend you an email with a new download link.